LOCATION: New Shinbashi Bldg 9F, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN

BUSINESS DOMAIN: Literary agent, 2D graphics,  animation, system development, business consulting




・Illustration production

We are a graphic production company. Experienced directors and creators will produce the graphics you want. We can deal with all-genre graphic production.

STEP1:Please contact us from contact form.

STEP2:Ask someone for theire opinion.
Confirmation of request content. We will ask the details of request details (graphic taste, specification, delivery time etc…). At that time, if there are materials and reference samples on the completed image, more smooth progress is possible.

STEP3:Estimates. Ordering.
Based on the content you asked, we will present the number of possible productions and quotations. If you tell us your budget in advance, I will make a suggestion that matches your budget. After you acknowledge the estimate, if you send us production materials, we will begin to produce sequentially.

STEP4:Graphics production.
Based on production materials, we will proceed with the production. At that time, we will submit progress in each process, so please check. Even if correction occurs by check, we will correspond.

STEP5:Delivery of graphics. Issue of bill.
We will deliver the graphic based on the request. Regarding the graphics we delivered, we will assign all copyright to you. After delivery is completed, we will issue invoice to you.


・Video Production


・Rights management